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ResKids Better Together Retreat!!

This weekend (May 22 and 23) we will be hosting our virtual retreat for the entire church community so we won't have any ResKids lessons. But next Sunday (May 30), the Ignite Teens will be games, activities and lesson at our mini ResKids retreat! 

ResKids Retreat will take place:

11:30am for preschool to Grade 2

1:00pm for Grades 3 to 7

In addition to Sunday zoom, the teens also helped put together a special edition retreat newsletter with colouring, bingo, choose-your-own-adventure and more. These packages were mailed out earlier this week but if you can't wait for your copy to arrive in the mail, we're also sharing everything on this page. Just click on each image to download as a printable PDF document!

1. Better Together Newsletter

 2. Colouring Contest

 3. Bingo

3d TV Craft

A couple of our teens designed this exclusive 3D TV activity. Download by clicking on the image, print and follow the instructions below to build your own Better Together TV!! 


  • Print out the template
  • Cut out the perimeter of the shape(s)
  • Crease (fold and unfold) along each line of the template
  • Fold the sides of the box up. Parts that are light grey are meant to be hidden (glued or taped) in the inside of the tv. Templates should make rectangular boxes. 

TV, photo 1

TV, photo 2

  • Attach the flat face of the small rectangular box to the light grey section (opposite the tv screen) on the big box.

  • Cut two thin strips of paper from extra paper. Tape them on the top of the tv (they will be the antennas)

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