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  • Post-Quarantine Church: What I Learned during the Pandemic that I Can Apply in My Life

    Despite significant changes to our lives during the pandemic, our spiritual journey did not stop during the COVID-19 crisis. Even though there were challenges, we persevered with the help of God. We saw God working in our lives. We learned. From my own journey through the pandemic, God taught me lessons and experiences that I am grateful for. God helped me reflect and realize who He is. He revealed to me the importance of human relationships and how we are designed to relate to one another. He brought focus in my life on what is important. read more
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  • Enjoy This Summer Responsibly

    Itís so exciting to see that the summer is finally upon us. What a year 2021 has been thus far. I know many families are eagerly preparing to enjoy some time away now that the school year is complete and the pandemic guidelines restricting inter-region travel are now relaxed. My family is also looking forward to a much needed change of scenery soon. read more
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  • Father's Day

    We celebrate Father's Day this Sunday! Thank you for all that you do† - how you guide, love and† take care of your families. With lots of love, we wish you a happy Dad's day. read more
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  • COVID-19 Update

    As youíre likely aware, on May 25, the B.C. government announced a four-step restart plan to safely bring people back together. This is welcome news, as this plan allows us to look forward in our planning. Your most pressing question concerning Resonance Church at this time is likely, "What does this mean for us in terms of returning to in-person worship services?" read more
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  • Residential School Statement

    With broken and sincere hearts, Resonance Church joins our Indigenous friends, our province, and our nation in grieving the recent horrific news surrounding the former Kamloops Indian Residential School. read more
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  • Think About Such Things

    Watching the news nowadays can be so disheartening. Daily charts showing the pandemic's toll. Yet another gang shooting. Political conflicts and threats of escalation. Systemic patterns of discrimination. Ignorant, prejudiced "Karens" in our grocery stores. And the list goes on. And then we remember that as God's people, we have been called out of darkness into God's wonderful light. Called to live our lives here on earth different. Holy. Separate. As "sojourners and exiles." But what makes holy people holy? read more
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  • Mother's Day

    This Sunday, we want to honour our mothers and thank them for their enduring love. On behalf of the moms at Resonance Church, we have made donations to two special organizations. Read on to find out a little bit more about each of these organizations. read more
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  • Missions Ministry Update

    With the global pandemic continuing to impact countries around the world, Resonance Church is still committed to reaching out into the world and making an impact for Jesus Christ through global missions. Although we cannot safely send teams to Paraguay or India at†this time, the Board of Elders has approved continuing monthly financial support to Diaconia in Paraguay and the Mukti Mission in India. read more
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  • Making a Difference in Community

    Christian community is a big part of spiritual growth because itís within the context of relationships that we have the opportunity to express and receive Godís love. This past year of pandemic life has made it difficult for many of our members to connect when we canít be there in person. There is no way to replace the live interactions where we can sense each otherís presence, see body language or have meaningful conversations while enjoying drinks or meals together. However, praise God that He has given us other tools to continue building relationships. read more
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  • Perseverance

    Perseverance, NASAís Mars rover, made perfect landing on the Red Planet on February 18, 2021. Sending a rover to Mars had been a challenging endeavor. Perseverance journeyed 472 million kms to get to Mars. The rover went through the Mars atmosphere at almost 20,000 km/h before the descent module fired its engines at a precise moment while the navigation system became activated to identify a safe landing spot.... read more
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