About Us What is Resonance?

Our Name

Names in the Bible were significant. They were rich in meaning and conveyed pictorial characteristics of the person or place. In the same way, we wanted a name that would illustrate our church’s intentions and heartbeat well.

So why are we called Resonance? Glad you asked!

We want people to know how life in Christ makes all the difference!


There is unspeakable joy that results when a person is “in tune” with our Creator. When we are reconciled to Christ through faith, the peace of God frees us to live in our “natural frequency,” in dynamic relationship with Him.

We want our faith in Christ to enrich and intensify our relationships with others.


We want to serve God together as He works in and through each of us. As the Spirit continually transforms and unifies us into a people “on the same wave length,” we seek to become a wave of unstoppable influence for Christ in Vancouver and the world.