About Us New to Res? (Visitor FAQ)


Not sure what to expect? We realize that visiting a new church can be a little intimidating, so we’d like to answer some common questions.

I’d like to visit, now what?

The best place to start is probably one of our Sunday morning services that start at 10:30am and usually run to 12:00pm. Before each service, everyone is welcome to join us for coffee/tea at 10:00am. It’s a great opportunity to meet new friends, get caffeinated, and look forward to worshiping God together.

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Your kids will love Resonance! We have a safe, cozy nursery for infants through age 3 with space for nursing moms to do their thing in privacy. However, your kids are more than welcome to stay with you and enjoy our Sunday morning service. We also have a special ResKids program designed for children ages 3 through Grade 7. Read more about ResKids. You can drop off your kids with assurance that they will be safe and cared for – and Mommy and Daddy can even hold hands during service!

Do I have to dress up?

No, you don’t. We encourage people to dress comfortably. For some, that may mean dressing up, but for most, it simply means wearing casual clothes. The Bible only instructs us to dress modestly and decently so we don’t burden people unnecessarily by requiring them to dress up in clothes they don’t normally wear just to “go to church.” We just want everyone to come with a proper reverence for God, whether it might mean khakis, tees, a summer dress (or even shirt and tie if you must).

Will I have to stand up in front of people?

While the people at Resonance are genuinely interested in getting to know you and want to make you feel welcome, we will never flag you as a “newbie” or embarrass you in any way. So just relax and enjoy meeting people at your own pace.

Do I have to sing?

Music is a big part of our Sunday service. That’s because we believe songs are a great way to express our worship to God. You might notice that some people sing pretty well; and there are others who sing, well…enthusiastically! We may even clap or lift our hands in praise to God as we sing. Our focus is on praising God, not on ourselves. So if you prefer not to sing aloud, that’s perfectly fine.

What’s your musical style like?

We prefer a more contemporary and uplifting style of music (i.e. no organ, no handbells, no country), although sometimes we may sing “old hymns.” We recognize music is very personal and everyone has a favorite style, so we can’t please everyone. Therefore, we focus on music that we think blesses God and brings our people closer to Him.

Do I have to pray?

Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to pray aloud. Prayers during Sunday services are usually led by our pastors or song leaders. Just pray along with us in your heart as the words are spoken. Some find it helpful to close their eyes so as to keep from being distracted by other people who keep their eyes open.

I don’t have a Bible… is that okay?

We love to read from the Bible because we believe it is God’s primary way of communicating with us. Some people may choose to bring their own Bible to church. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. Most of the time, the verses will be displayed on the projector screen so everyone can follow along. If you’re really nearsighted, those sitting next to you will likely offer to share their Bible/glasses with you. By the way, if you’d like a Bible of your own, just contact us info@resonancechurch.org. The only cost is that you read it!

How long does the pastor talk?

Usually about 25 minutes… but, it’ll feel more like 15! That’s because our pastors aim to help us make sense of the Bible by presenting God’s Word in a clear, engaging, and personal way. You’ll feel like everything was geared specifically to you and to your life. That’s because it was!

What if I’m not even sure I believe in God?

If you’re just checking out the Christian faith and you’re asking questions about spiritual things, that’s a good thing. The secret is: All of us who are Christians were there at some point in our lives too! Know that you are most welcome to explore answers to your questions here at Resonance. We suggest you first check out our StartingPoint class that’s designed especially for those who just want to know more – no pressure, no obligations, we promise.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.