Community LifeGroups


We believe that accountability, care, and a sense of belonging are critical to progress in our spiritual journey. We also believe a small group of like-minded, relationally-connected people is the best place for sustained life-change to occur. That’s why we encourage everyone at Resonance to seek out a deeper level of relationship with Jesus Christ and with others in the context of a small group.

Our LifeGroups are open groups of 7-15 people that meet regularly for a predetermined season (usually weekly for 12-24 months) to pray for one another, talk about life, and apply God’s Word to the issues and challenges we face. They provide a consistent (in terms of who is expected and what to expect) environment where participants can experience authentic community and spiritual growth.

Can I get involved with a LifeGroup if I’m not sure what I believe?

Of course.  Guests at Resonance Church are welcome to participate in any of our LifeGroups.

How do I join a LifeGroup?

It is easy.  Just talk to one of our pastors and he/she will connect you with one of the LifeGroup leaders.