Community Membership


Here at Resonance, we take church membership seriously. We view membership much more than simply being on some list in the church office or having a right to vote at meetings. Membership is about joining a family that is united in belief and purpose in order to experience Christ and share Him with the world. Members at Resonance are united theologically. We share common views about God and His Word. We are also united in our mission and philosophy, which stem from our theology, and justify our existence as a local church. Membership is our pathway to unity.

Membership is also the pathway for people to be equipped. It is a way of creating more room to include, empower, and release people to serve God’s purposes through the church. It provides a platform for people to grow in their love for God and in their ministry to others. Membership pushes us to be authentic to our mission and become a diverse community, learning to embrace and love those who are not like us. It provides accountability for the leadership, and for the people they serve. It also demolishes the notion of an individualized, privatized faith, which we see as an affront to the New Testament church.

Being a member at Resonance does have tangible benefits. It frees you up to be full partners in our mission by entering into leadership. Membership is a prerequisite to leadership at Resonance. Members also have access to “insider” information on our website. But probably the greatest benefit is that members enjoy the focused care of the pastor-elders.

To become a member of Resonance, you must complete the Foundations and re:sonance core classes and sign a stated commitment to live in community together and seek to embody unity through the beliefs, ministry philosophy, and vision of Resonance Church.