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  • Mission: SPAM Kick-Off

    One of the best parts about organizing a special Sunday for the kids is seeing the young adults from Crossroads and the teens from Ignite use their creativity and skills to bless the ResKids ministry. read more
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  • Life Hacks: More on Generosity and Update

    This week we continue to build on the themes of generosity, poverty, stewardship and wisdom. read more
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  • Life Hacks: Generosity

    Many of you know that the preschool to Grade 2 class has been reading through a little book called Wonder and Wisdom. It's an introduction to Psalms and Proverbs for young children but I like to use it when I prepare and plan for my lessons and devotions too! read more
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  • Life Hacks: Words

    There's no doubt about it, words hold power. All of us have regretted our words at one point or another - we've made insensitive comments, or shouted words in anger or frustration. As a result of our choices, we've probably also experienced the look of shock or hurt from our loved ones and we realize, too late, that words can never be taken back. read more
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  • Life Hacks: Friendship

    Were you ever part of club? When I was in Elementary school, I formed the "Best Buddies Club" with some friends from church. We modelled our 'club' after the Baby-Sitters Club book series. We had a president, secretary and treasurer and we held regular club meetings. read more
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