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  • We Are to Worship God Alone (Isaiah 44)

    Many agree that sin is often, if not always, contrived from selfish ambitions. We can see how our actions, thoughts, and words that disregard God’s instructions for our lives develop from our desire for more, better, or different than what we currently have. Our sin is a statement that we believe that our ways are better than God’s and that we ultimately know better than Him. read more
  • Elisha Performed Miracles (2 Kings 4-6)

    Miracles are often found in Scripture as a means of God doing what nature cannot explain to show His own power and authority over all things. This portion of 2 Kings 4–6 is no different. But these miracles don’t just teach us about God; they also demonstrate our human nature—to doubt when circumstances appear to leave us with little to no control. read more
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  • Elisha Served as a Prophet (2 Kings 2)

    Elisha’s incredible loyalty to the prophet Elijah is recorded in 2 Kings 2. He followed Elijah wherever he went. He committed to Elijah even when others told him that Elijah would soon die. And he stayed by his side to the very end. read more
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  • Elijah Served as a Prophet (1 Kings 16-18)

    Even a dim light is visible in the darkness. There’s no denying that the world today can be described as a dark place where sin is endorsed and idolized, mistreatment of others for any reason may be viewed as a necessary part of life, and some of the most egregious dismissals of God’s standards are championed in many pockets of culture and have taken root at younger and younger ages. read more
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  • Jeroboam Disobeyed God (1 Kings 12-13)

    The entire Bible is true, without error, authoritative, and clear; however, there are times—perhaps when trying to discern about a new job opportunity or other circumstances when there is seemingly more than one good option—when we may ask, “What does God want of me?” The Bible contains some very clear directives about what we should and should not do. It is abundantly clear that we are to honor our father and mother and that we should avoid immorality. What happens when we go against God’s directions? read more
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