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  • Eli's Sons Disobeyed God (1 Samuel 4-6)

    The ark of the covenant was a physical reminder of God's tangible presence with his people. Rather than treat the ark with reverence, they treated the ark as a sort of good luck charm. In our Bible story today, we see what happened when the ark was taken from the people of Israel. read more
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  • God Provided for Hannah (1 Samuel 1-3)

    When was the last time you prayed fervently to God? What did you need? Did He answer in a way you expected? When Hannah wanted a baby, she cried out to God with great earnestness so much that the priest Eli thought she was drunk. Hannah had confidence that God heard her prayer. She understood that one of the evidences of the understanding and the belief that God hears and answers prayer is persistence in prayer. read more
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  • God Provided for Ruth (Ruth)

    The story of Ruth is an incredible story. We see how gracious and good God is. We see the providential care God has for a woman who was not Jewish. She was from Moab—a descendant of Lot, not a child of Abraham. Yet, she became a recipient of God's promise to Abraham because salvation is a gift and is received by faith. read more
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  • Bible Memory Verse Challenge

    You are invited to participate in our first Bible Memory Verse Challenge! We're inviting all our ResKIDS, teachers and helpers to memorize four verses in four months. read more
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  • God Used Samson (Judges 13 - 16)

    Samson is one of those characters in the Bible you don't easily forget. He was strong, handsome, successful, and blind. He is what in literature is called an anti-type. He is a type of Christ in all the wrong ways. Samson was consecrated from an early age yet disobeyed his covenant promises and dishonoured his parents. When tempted, he gave in rather than resisting. read more
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