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  • Creation Glorified God (Psalm 19)

    In the first two sessions of this unit, we have seen a common thread of God’s glory. God created everything, including people, to display His glory. In this session, we want to make sure that our kids understand what that means. What is God’s glory? read more
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  • God Created People

    Humans are at the center of everything God created. Only God Himself is more important. That is why the creation of the first man and woman—Adam and Eve—deserved its own session. As you talk with your kids about this week’s session, there are two words that might be unclear or even confusing. The first is our in Genesis 1:26. “Let us make man in our image.” This can be confusing because the Bible is clear that there is only one God (see Deuteronomy 6:4 and 1 Timothy 2:5). Why then does God say our image and not my image? read more
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  • God Created the World

    We start the Gospel Project this week with God Created the World (Genesis 1:1-25). The true story of the Bible begins where we would expect it to begin—at the beginning of all creation. Everything in the universe has a starting point except God. He alone is eternal—He has no beginning and no end. He has always existed. So the beginning in this week’s Bible story is the beginning from our perspective. It is humanity’s beginning.  read more
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  • Fall Announcement

    As we finally settle into summer break, it's already time to plan for back to school!! ResKids is no different, we wrapped up our summer series at the beginning of August and now we're gearing up for our brand new curriculum in September.  read more
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    It's already the last week of Press Play. We'll be meeting over zoom for our last lesson on having I can have Confidence to Make a Difference and then we'll be taking a short break in August.  read more
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