Happenings Sermon Series



Sermon Series: John - That You May Believe
March to September

John – one of Jesus' closest disciples – gives a unique, first‐hand account into the significance of the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. Every miracle, teaching, and act of Jesus that John captures in his gospel has one clear purpose: that belief in Jesus is the only way we can have abundant and eternal life. Join us as we delve into the dramatic milestones of Christ’s ministry and be led to a deeper understanding of the ultimate love story of God.

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Sermon Series: Rooted - The book of Colossians
January 2 - February 27

Our view of Jesus Christ impacts every area of our lives, from our choices, to our relationships, to our eternity. Paul’s letter to the Colossians reminds us as believers about who Jesus Christ is and the work He has done for our salvation – the foundation of the gospel message. He encourages us to look to Jesus as the only way and embrace Christ alone to be sufficient for all our needs. Join us as we dive deep into the book of Colossians and allow its truth to motivate us to take root and grow in our understanding of God's will and obedience.

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Same Old. Same Old?

Sermon Series: Same Old. Same Old? - Rediscovering the Heart of the Gospel
November 14 - December 5

In these increasingly divided and uncertain times, more than ever, people are searching for meaning and hope. In this series, we will be reminded of the all‐sufficiency of Christ and His liberating Gospel for a weary world. Join us as we realign our hearts to that of Jesus and be inspired to share His hope for all.

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I [Heart] the Church

Sermon Series: I [Heart] the Church - The joys of Christian community
September 19 - October 31

It's easy to dream about the "perfect" church. And it's just as easy to criticize the church when it isn't exactly the way you want it. But what if we learned to love the church, knowing that "Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her" (Eph 5:25)?

In this series, we will revisit the New Testament vision for biblical community and seek to recapture some of the most glorious privileges of being part of God's family – belonging, gathering, welcoming, caring, serving, and witnessing. Join us as we consider how we can love Jesus in greater and more meaningful ways through loving his beloved "bride."

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Sermon Series: Entrusted - Faithfully Stewarding the Gifts of God
June 13 - August 8

Often when we talk about stewardship, our minds turn immediately to the context of money. But there is so much more to biblical stewardship than just money. God has entrusted each of us with varied gifts – be it our time, talents, or treasures. In this series, we are going to explore what it means to be a faithful steward of those God‐given resources and learn how to leverage them for His eternal purposes and glory.

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Living Hope

Sermon Series: Living Hope - Sustaining words from the book of 1 Peter
March 7 - June 6

The past year has shown us that life often has a way of not turning out the way we want. Circumstances can rob us of peace and leave us with seemingly little hope. The Apostle Peter's encouragement to believers who were enduring persecution and suffering of all kinds is a timely reminder that we are merely strangers and sojourners in this world, and that our true home and glory is in heaven to come. Join us as we explore the book of 1 Peter and its message of sustaining hope for even the toughest of times.

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Amazing Grace

Sermon Series: Amazing Grace - The Gospel according to Galatians
January 10 - Feburary 28

The word "gospel" refers to a message of good news. But what exactly is the good news of the Christian faith? Unlike other gospels that may have the appearance of truth but leave us empty in the end, the good news of the Bible is both life-giving and satisfying. For it is not based on what we have done for God, but on faith in what God has done for us through Christ. Join us as we explore the Book of Galatians and discover what makes God’s grace so amazing.

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Sermon Series - Comfort & Joy

Sermon Series: Comfort & Joy
December 6 - December 27

These are tough times indeed, and while the world is waiting to return to "normal," Christmas brings us the transcending story of ultimate comfort and joy. Join us as we contemplate and celebrate the birth of Christ, who was born to be our Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace.

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Sermon Series - Life Hacks

Sermon Series: Life Hacks - Wisdom for Life from Proverbs
September 6 - November 29

Every day of our lives, we make decisions large and small, complex and simple. Many decisions involve choosing between different options that are morally permissible. And so, the question is not so much which is the "right" choice, but rather, which is the "wise" choice. The wisdom of Proverbs goes beyond right and wrong. It illuminates for us which choice is most Godhonoring and beneficial to ourselves in every season of our lives.

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Sermon Series - Fruit of the Spirit

Sermon Series: Fruit of the Spirit
July 5 - August 30

Change is something that most of us know we need but few of us understand how to get. You need more than willpower. You need God's power in your life. In this series based on Galatians 5:22-23, we will look at the qualities God's Spirit produces in you when you walk with Jesus – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control – and become gradually more and more like Him.

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Sermon Series - God of the Broken

Sermon Series: Parables of the Kingdom
February 2 - June 28

Jesus often used parables to simplify profound spiritual truths. He told stories from the everyday that use things that we can see to show us bigger truths that we can't see about God, ourselves, and others. His parables are designed to draw us from hearing to understanding to repentance. Expect to revolutionize your perspective on the gospel, grace, and life in the kingdom of God as we delve into the Lord’s teachings.

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Sermon Series - God of the Broken

Sermon Series: God of the Broken - Finding Hope in Difficult Times
January 5 - January 26

Each of us knows and sees things that are not as they should be. There is brokenness all around us and even inside of us. But with God, nothing is too broken that He cannot restore it. Join us as we look at Nehemiah's story of ruin to restoration, and learn how to discover hope and renewal in the face of life's challenges..

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Sermon Series - Behold

Sermon Series: Behold
November 24 - December 22

Join us this Christmas season as we behold once again the story of God’s love and redemption that brings faith, hope and life.

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Sermon Series - I Believe

Sermon Series: I Believe - Responding to God's Amazing Grace
October 13 - November 17

Do you ever feel weak, or discouraged? Do you find yourself giving in to temptation when you really want to overcome? Whether you’re aware of it or not, a spiritual war is raging around every Christian. The good news is, God has equipped us with the means to stand firm despite the attacks of the Enemy. In this sermon series, learn how to apply every piece of spiritual armor God has provided for a life of victory in Christ.

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Sermon Series - Armor of God

Sermon Series: Armor of God
August 11 - October 6

Do you ever feel weak, or discouraged?  Do you find yourself giving in to temptation when you really want to overcome?   Whether you’re aware of it or not, a spiritual war is raging around every Christian.  The good news is, God has equipped us with the means to stand firm despite the attacks of the Enemy.  In this sermon series, learn how to apply every piece of spiritual armor God has provided for a life of victory in Christ

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Sermon Series - #imperfectchurch

Sermon Series: The (im)Perfect Church - The First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians
February 17 - August 4

1 Corinthians begs the question: How does a church handle issues that impact real people? No church is perfect – including ours – yet we are still called to address issues head on and be the witness of the living God in this world. How? Come and explore with us Apostle Paul’s answer to the question as we delve deeply into this book and turn our imperfect church to a God honoring church.

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Sermon Series - #nofilter

Sermon Series: #nofilter - Becoming who God says I am
January 13 - February 10

We live in a world of false realities. We do it online. We do it in real life. Why bother posting your real self to people when you can present a better, more filtered one instead? Whether out of our fears, shame, or insecurities, we hide behind masks. Unfortunately, when we cannot be true to ourselves, it is impossible to be true to God and true to others. In this series, we will learn what it means to live in the freedom of our true identity in Jesus Christ.

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